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"When I started meeting with Charles, I was an emotional wreck. I was suffering from panic attacks and frightened of everything. Because of Covid, I found myself at home, alone for the majority of the time. I HAD to reach out for help, and that led me to Charles. From the very first online meeting, I felt comfortable. His calm and friendly nature put me at ease and allowed me to share without reservation (something not common for me). Charles has given me the tools I needed to begin to process and cope with what overwhelms me. Today, I am able to return to work with a clearer head, mind and heart. I can enjoy activities again! Still learning with every session, I feel fortunate to have been directed to Scott's Counseling and Charles. My journey back continues with hope and renewed strength and happiness!"

K.S. - Linneus, Maine

"...He has been very professional and very understanding and I look forward to my next session"

L.I. - Betterhelp Client - Maine

"Charles is an extremely insightful therapist and helps me to see different perspectives."

M.I. - Betterhelp Client - Maine

"Charles is insightful, kind, intuitive and an excellent listening ear with no judgment. He’s fantastic."

C.A. - Betterhelp Client - Maine

I have been going to Charles for over three months and he has greatly helped me overcome and figure out ways to better deal with depression, anxiety and stress. Charles pushes you to find your own solution while providing a framework for navigating these difficult thoughts and circumstances. I feel substantially better and I owe a lot of that success to Charles for working with me and helping me get to the root of my issues. Thank you, Charles and I would highly recommend to anyone seeking counseling services.

H.P. - Portland, Maine

Charles is very friendly and easy to talk to. He helped me change my perspective and helped implement actions I could take to have more control of my emotions in everyday life.

H.V. - Camden, Maine

Is encouraging & helps me to reflect in a way that is constructive about events in my life.

L.II. - Betterhelp Client - Maine

I greatly appreciate everything that Mr Scott has done thus far in our counseling sessions. He has been attentive and considerate and has given Godly counsel with great insight and wisdom. He is very attentive and knowledgeable, and I feel as though I am ironing out some of my issues that I have come to him for even though we have only had contact for a few weeks!

S.A. - Betterhelp Client - Maine

Very intuitive, insightful and understanding. Has given me things to think on that I never had before.

C.A. - Betterhelp Client - Maine

Initially I needed help with the isolation that comes along with the Covid 19 Pandemic but though talking with Charles Scott I ended up working on a lot of PTSD and past trauma related issues. He gave sound suggestions and "homework" that was very doable. I feel that I have worked on and progressed with a lot of my issues and I am now able to set boundaries and stick to them. I have more confidence and am more willing to stick up for myself.

V. R. - Bradford, Maine

I started as a fearful, anxious, depressed individual when I became a client. Thanks to Charles' teachings on coping, breathing, etc, I am in a really good place! I use what he taught me and am strong because of his help! Thank you!!

K. S. - Linneus, Maine

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